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3 Strategies Procurement Professionals in Manufacturing need to implement in 2018


Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly. James Dyson Manufacturing touches our lives every day, in more ways than we realize.  It contributes […]

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Webcast Recap: Effectively Managing Supplier Contracts with The University of Chicago Medicine


This week we had the pleasure of seeing Ivalua customer, The University of Chicago Medicine, in an essential webinar with SIG on managing supplier contracts with technology. The University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences, one of the nation’s leading […]

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How Healthcare Can Benefit from Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management for healthcare

Professionals in the healthcare industry are faced with evolving compliance requirements that are time-consuming and challenging. This growing complexity is evident in the organization’s contracts. The arduous process of managing various physician and service agreements, along with regulatory compliance such […]

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Improve Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management Solution picture

A Contract Lifecycle Management Solution will help you Save Time & Improve Performance Big Companies deal with thousands of contracts that can include hundreds of pages. So how do you quickly locate the information you need? How can you make […]

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At least 16 benefits to an integrated source-to-pay solution

Yes, No, or Maybe concepts of making business decision

Everywhere you look, best-of-breed e-procurement providers are expanding their solution suites, either by building or acquiring code-bases or by developing new modules within an existing framework. At Ivalua, we recently asked Michael Lamoureux, best known as the brains behind the Sourcing Innovation industry blog, to ponder the reasons why suites have become so attractive. He came back with not one, but 16 benefits that an integrated suite provides to organizations pursuing an effective sourcing and procurement strategy.

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