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Procurement Transformation Journey with Select Medical

Select Medical

If there is one certainty about the healthcare sector, it’s that costs are on the rise! It doesn’t help that the healthcare industry continually faces complexity; disparate systems and manual, paper based processes dot the landscape. Then, there are the […]

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Adding Value while Reducing Costs with Lean Procurement

Lean procurement

Did you know that most definitions of “Lean Procurement” describe it as “doing more with less?” Pretty straightforward as most of us can agree, but often, we see procurement professionals take this definition as running their department with fewer people. […]

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WEBCAST RECAP: Extracting Value from Tail Spend

tail spend management

Enterprises today continue to make millions of purchases that are too small to be handled by procurement or too infrequent be included in catalog systems. Most companies miss their tail spend because it is not strategically managed, thus not often […]

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The Three Strategic Levers to Pull for Managing MRO Spend


As sharp cost increases across many categories, saving targets may seem elusive even to the most experienced procurement organizations. Applying a strategic spend management approach to a classically non-strategic maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) categories like office provisions, industrial supplies […]

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Digitizing Procurement: Where and How?


When it comes to the procurement function, flaws in the supply chain can result to wasted time, increased costs, damaged relationships and in some cases, collapse a deal with a supplier altogether. As we see and read around procurement today, […]

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