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Forrester Releases New Vendor Landscapes for ePurchasing Report, 2016 to 2017.


ePurchasing products today are mandatory to enabling businesses and governments source, buy and manage the goods and services they require to continue serving customers. As such, ePurchasing software today have evolved to meet the new challenges of modern organizations.  Designed […]

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What are the Top 10 Priorities for State Procurement in 2017?


Procurement can be a powerful tool for local economies, but it takes more than a policy change to make things work. The decision of which firm will receive a contract from a State or Local government does not always make […]

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The Amazon Dash Revolution

Amazon Dash Buttons bring Procurement to a whole new world of opportunities

Why procurement can’t afford to ignore Amazon Dash Introduced a year ago, the Amazon Dash Button is a small wireless-enabled device that is programmed to order one specific item through the buyer’s Amazon prime account. The idea behind Amazon Dash […]

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Is ‘Robo-adviser’ a Viable Model for Procurement?


Procurement’s processes have been enabled by technology for a long time. From eSourcing to invoice management, supplier management to eprocurement, automation has played an important role in shaping the procurement function and improving – or at least scaling – our […]

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Contingent Workforce Spend: Going ‘Cost Plus’ While Still Managing the Cost

Create additional value to contingent workforce contracts thanks to Procurement

Services spend has always presented an extra challenge for procurement and tested the strategic sourcing process. This is especially true with the services spend owned by Human Resources: namely, temporary employees and contractors, which are commonly referred to as the contingent workforce.

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