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Accelerating the Future of Procurement

Deploy your Spend Management Solution

A constantly changing economic and political landscape, not to mention continuous innovations in technology and severe climate changes, has increased the complexity of the procurement function. There are multitudes of objectives that procurement teams must meet: maintaining stock levels, keeping […]

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Latest Study from KPMG Highlights Future-proofing Procurement

Future Proof Procurement

It’s true that companies sell products. To have inventory to sell, companies buy products, too. Procurement departments are responsible for procuring (aka buying) supplies, raw materials and services the company needs to function and run its business. Like everything else […]

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The 7 Traits CPO Need to Adopt to be Successful


It takes a ton of skills to be a successful CPO. Today’s CPO must be knowledgeable in how globalization affects their department while staying up to date on emerging procurement technologies and evolving business standards. On top of that, they […]

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Achieve Lean in Procurement: Eliminate Waste but don’t neglect to Add Value

Lean Procurement - Reducing Costs

To achieve Lean in Procurement, focus on adding value rather than reducing costs What really is Lean Procurement? From some of the descriptions of Lean in procurement that I’ve seen, it seems to have morphed into something that is either […]

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The Amazon Dash Revolution

Amazon Dash Buttons bring Procurement to a whole new world of opportunities

Why procurement can’t afford to ignore Amazon Dash Introduced a year ago, the Amazon Dash Button is a small wireless-enabled device that is programmed to order one specific item through the buyer’s Amazon prime account. The idea behind Amazon Dash […]

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