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Top 6 Reasons to Automate Source to Pay for Banking and Financial Services


The Banking and Financial Services (“BFS”) sector has under-performed in earnings and stock performance in the recent past, due largely to the burdens of excess regulation, the onslaught of intense global competition and the disruptive innovation by Fintech companies targeting […]

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Deploy a Global Spend Management Solution

Deploy your Spend Management Solution

Best Practices for Deploying a Global Spend Management Solution With greater uncertainty on growth, international trade and interest rates, optimizing Spend Management across an organization has never been so important. And that is why many firms have chosen to deploy a Spend […]

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Value of Source-to-Settle Automation for Manufacturing

A Source-to-Settle Automation Suite will help you face the new challenges from Supplier Management to Sourcing, Procurement, and Purchasing Intelligence

The report, 2015 Source-to-Settle for Manufacturing Report: Exploring the Value of Source-to-Settle Automation for the Manufacturing Industry, examines some of the unique challenges facing procurement teams in this space.

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5 Steps to Spend Management System Adoption

Here are 5 Free Tips to better implement a new Management Solution

Even when new technology is intended to help employees do their jobs faster or smarter, corporate culture and limited advanced planning can get in the way of a smooth rollout.

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