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3 Strategies Procurement Professionals in Manufacturing need to implement in 2018


Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly. James Dyson Manufacturing touches our lives every day, in more ways than we realize.  It contributes […]

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Contingent Workforce Spend: Going ‘Cost Plus’ While Still Managing the Cost

Create additional value to contingent workforce contracts thanks to Procurement

Services spend has always presented an extra challenge for procurement and tested the strategic sourcing process. This is especially true with the services spend owned by Human Resources: namely, temporary employees and contractors, which are commonly referred to as the contingent workforce.

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The Annual Budget Process as a Contact Sport

Procurement will help you plan your budget

If your company closes its books with the calendar year, there is a good chance the budget review process is quickly approaching. With it come the games departments play. The annual Budget Games are at minimum a contact sport, and at their most extreme a blood sport.

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E-Sourcing: An Essential Ingredient in Supply Chain Agility

Lean Procurement - Reducing Costs

In many ways, an organization’s supply chain is its backbone, and if your backbone isn’t strong and resilient you’ve got problems. Case in point: Target, which suspended operations in Canada after experiencing problems across their supply chain for more than a year.

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