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The 7 Traits CPO Need to Adopt to be Successful


It takes a ton of skills to be a successful CPO. Today’s CPO must be knowledgeable in how globalization affects their department while staying up to date on emerging procurement technologies and evolving business standards. On top of that, they […]

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Is ‘Robo-adviser’ a Viable Model for Procurement?


Procurement’s processes have been enabled by technology for a long time. From eSourcing to invoice management, supplier management to eprocurement, automation has played an important role in shaping the procurement function and improving – or at least scaling – our […]

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Webinar – Engaging Suppliers with YOUR Supplier Network

Supplier Network Webinar - Ivalua

Attend the Webinar Dec 15th, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET Featuring Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer and Managing Director at Spend Matters. Modern sourcing and procurement depends on electronic connections with suppliers. In order to automate this type of supplier […]

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5 Principles of Successful Proof-Of-Concept Implementations

Learn the best practices to implement the best POC by following simple principles such as limiting the size, allocating adequate time, defining KPI, preparing use cases and involving the right users

A Spend Management solution proof of concept (POC) brings a vendor’s product in-house to ensure that it will work in your Procurement environment and function the way it was promoted.

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Can Technology Cure Procurement’s
Budget Blues?

frustrated young business man working on laptop computer at office

Procurement technology can play a bigger role in budgeting than it does today.

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