P2P Transformation with a Procurement Pro


Is your organization looking to take a on a Procure-to-Pay (P2P) initiative? Procurement transformation can sound intimidating with all the planning required to begin an initiative, however – the return can positively impact organizations, making way for both a stable […]

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Procurement Transformation Journey with Select Medical

Select Medical

If there is one certainty about the healthcare sector, it’s that costs are on the rise! It doesn’t help that the healthcare industry continually faces complexity; disparate systems and manual, paper based processes dot the landscape. Then, there are the […]

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Top 6 Reasons to Automate Source to Pay for Healthcare


There is one certainty about the health care sector—costs are on the rise! While everything else, from the nuances and implications of implementing federal regulations, to the potential of ‘repeal and replace” is uncertain, one thing is clear: healthcare and […]

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The Benefits of Procure-to-Pay

what is procure-to-pay

Companies that process massive amounts of invoices must have clear policies and procedures in place. It is imperative that any organization has procedures and systems in place to minimize bureaucracy, error, risk and inefficiencies. A procure-to-pay system offers a seamless […]

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Adding Value while Reducing Costs with Lean Procurement

Lean procurement

Did you know that most definitions of “Lean Procurement” describe it as “doing more with less?” Pretty straightforward as most of us can agree, but often, we see procurement professionals take this definition as running their department with fewer people. […]

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