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Achieve Lean in Procurement: Eliminate Waste but don’t neglect to Add Value

Lean Procurement - Reducing Costs

To achieve Lean in Procurement, focus on adding value rather than reducing costs What really is Lean Procurement? From some of the descriptions of Lean in procurement that I’ve seen, it seems to have morphed into something that is either […]

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The Amazon Dash Revolution

Amazon Dash Buttons bring Procurement to a whole new world of opportunities

Why procurement can’t afford to ignore Amazon Dash Introduced a year ago, the Amazon Dash Button is a small wireless-enabled device that is programmed to order one specific item through the buyer’s Amazon prime account. The idea behind Amazon Dash […]

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Is ‘Robo-adviser’ a Viable Model for Procurement?


Procurement’s processes have been enabled by technology for a long time. From eSourcing to invoice management, supplier management to eprocurement, automation has played an important role in shaping the procurement function and improving – or at least scaling – our […]

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The Annual Budget Process as a Contact Sport

Procurement will help you plan your budget

If your company closes its books with the calendar year, there is a good chance the budget review process is quickly approaching. With it come the games departments play. The annual Budget Games are at minimum a contact sport, and at their most extreme a blood sport.

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