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Zara’s Supply Chain Model


How a strong Supply Chain management can make you one of the best companies in the world On September 7th 2016, a relatively unknown person became the richest man on the planet during two days before Bill Gates reclaimed his […]

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How Supply Base Segmentation can help you Manage Risk

Supply Base Segmentation Image

The New Importance of Risk Management Managing Supply Risk has always been part of a buyer’s job, but it is becoming more and more important today. Indeed, many trends have increased the chances of Supply Risk occurring, such as Cost […]

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Generate Growth and Profit through Supplier Innovation

Discover how to leverage Supplier Innovation in a Win-Win approach

Innovation is the Key for surviving in a competitive environment Many companies are continually looking to provide new products, processes and services as well as improve those that they already provide to customers. And even though R&D is a good strategy, […]

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Achieve Lean in Procurement: Eliminate Waste but don’t neglect to Add Value

Lean Procurement - Reducing Costs

To achieve Lean in Procurement, focus on adding value rather than reducing costs What really is Lean Procurement? From some of the descriptions of Lean in procurement that I’ve seen, it seems to have morphed into something that is either […]

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Working Toward Sustainability in Your Supply Chain

Discover the benefits you can reap from working towards a more sustainable Supply Chain

5 Essential Steps For Building a Sustainable Supply Chain. Not only is “sustainability” a huge buzz word in today’s market, it’s also a huge driver of business. From SMBs to Fortune 500s, companies around the world are implementing sustainability standards […]

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